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About Us

About Us

Stephen Colbert and Rob Dubbin co-founded Scripto to solve their own problem: In a highly collaborative TV environment with ambitious daily deadlines, their pre-cloud software couldn’t keep up. Now, Scripto combines the real-time flow of Google Docs with the professional writing and production formats used in TV, video games, and other media.
It All Started With a Goat...
Long ago, before Scripto existed, there was a show called The Colbert Report, where some writers optimistically wrote in a surprise appearance by a live goat. To everyone’s surprise, the idea moved forward — which meant booking a showbiz-grade goat from an ethical and TV-ready animal handler, at significant expense to the production.
Only problem was: TV being TV, the goat’s appearance was cut from the script in revisions. And because they weren’t using Scripto, the show didn’t find out about the script change until the Tom Cruise of goats was already en route to the studio.
We all learned an important lesson that day: It’s good to make changes to a script, but only if everyone else can see them too. That was the first spark of an idea that led to the creation of Scripto.
Meet The Crew
At Scripto, collaboration is also important to us internally. We’re a small but mighty team supporting some of the most ambitious creative productions across the entertainment industry.
Stephen Colbert - headshot
Stephen Colbert
New York, NY
Evelyn McGee-Colbert - headshot
Evelyn McGee-Colbert
New York, NY
Josh Kline - headshot
Josh Kline
Los Angeles, CA
Rob Dubbin - headshot
Rob Dubbin
Founder / Head of Games
The Catskills, NY
Elisabeth "Boon" Boonin - headshot
Elisabeth "Boon" Boonin
Oakland, CA
Alice DuBois - headshot
Alice DuBois
Los Angeles, CA
John Gravois - headshot
John Gravois
Los Angeles, CA
Amy Harken - headshot
Amy Harken
Los Angeles, CA
Christiane Jory - headshot
Christiane Jory
Customer Success
Los Angeles, CA
Juan de los Rios - headshot
Juan de los Rios
West Hollywood, CA
Mel Thomas - headshot
Mel Thomas
Louisville, KY
Nick Wakeham - headshot
Nick Wakeham
Business Development
Toronto, ONT

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