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Scripto powers the world-class writing process at Emmy-winning shows like Last Week Tonight and The Late Show.
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Faster, Better, Cheaper.
Real-time collaboration between writers and production means major departments have up-to-the-second visibility into script updates, so they can pivot when the plan inevitably changes.
Show Timing.
Dial in super-precise timing estimates that account for your host’s speaking cadence and the duration of media clips.
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Customize the rundown grid to suit the needs of your control room. Then build out rundowns 10x faster with script-to-rundown import logic that feels like magic.
Push to Prompter.
Scripto integrates seamlessly with most major teleprompter systems including Autoscript WinPlus, AutoCue, Cuescript and Telescript.
Scripto’s “live prompter” view turns any computer or monitor into a simple teleprompter. Handy for table reads, field pieces, and anything shot on your computer’s webcam.
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Scripto is free for up to 3 collaborators with our basic studio and screenplay formats. Sign up now and try it out!
For larger teams, we tailor plans and pricing to your team size, production order, and feature needs.

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